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WK Appliance & Propane Co. in Spooner & Hayward are your full service propane provider offering onsite tanks, canister fills and 24 hour emergency service.  We service a large portion of Burnett, Sawyer & Washburn counties in Northwest Wisconsin.


Tank Lease


If you don't currently have a propane tank at your location, you can lease a tank with a high-pressure regulator and tank mounting blocks.


Leasing a tank from WK Appliance & Propane is easy and hassle free.


First we will determine what size of tank you need depending on your propane needs and what type of propane appliances you have in your home.


What are your heating requirements? Are there any other factors that affect your propane usage?


Then we will draft a lease agreement to get things moving.

The agreement will include your propane tank from WK Appliance & Propane, the regulator and outside equipment associated with your propane system. This agreement will require your signature so that both parties are aware of everything included in the tank system described on your lease agreement.


Tank Placement:


Our experienced employees know where tanks can and can't be placed. They'll find an ideal location to place a tank on your property.


Centeron Wireless Tank Monitoring System:


Centeron monitors accurately measure tank fluid level and send information to Centeron controllers via robust wireless data links. Centeron Gauge Monitors conveniently mount to tanks that already have float assemblies. Replace the old mechanical dial gauges with the Centeron electronic gauges to start remote tank level monitoring.


Once your tank reaches 30% it will contact you and WK Appliance and Propane via email to alert both parties the tank is getting low.


Maintenance & Inspection:


The National Propane Gas Association recommends that all gas systems be inspected every five years. At WK Appliance & Propane we believe that your system should be inspected on a regular basis for any deficiencies, especially if you feel there may be a leak. Our gas system safety Inspection will take between one and two hours and will include:


  • Inspection of all of your gas appliances.
  • A leak test on your entire system which can also detect leaks underground.
  • Inspection of all valves and gauges within your system.


This inspection will provide you with the opportunity to become familiar with how your system operates, including how to shut it off if required to do so. We will also make sure that you are familiar with the odor of propane so you'll know if there is an issue causing a leak in your system.



Propane Refill Service...

Need your propane cylinder refilled? No problem. Bring your cylinder to WK Appliance & Propane in Spooner to have it refilled. They are staffed with trained professionals who will safely refill your propane cylinder while you wait.

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